Samsung 2 X 850 EVO 120GB in Raid 0 vs 850 Pro 120GB

Since, I'm building my new PC, I have a big question in my mind that which SSD should I take. The 850 Pro 120GB is 90$ and 850 EVO is 65$ ( each ) ( as I like these two ) . So I wanted to get 1 of 850 PRO or 2 of 850 EVO . so, which one should I get? considering performance, durability . Cause I'm not planning to upgrade between 2-3 years after this upgrade. And also I'm getting 3 years warranty for each of these devices.
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  1. Complex question, let's break it down into parts.

    Performance. You don't need raid 0 because SSD's are so fast. It will make no noticeable difference. Also, the difference in speed between the 850 pro and 850 EVO is insignificant, go with the EVO. And the larger a SSD is, the faster it is, up to 500GB.

    Durability. Do not go with raid 0 for two reasons. One is that you have two units so you just doubled your chance of failure. Also, SSD's are more reliable the larger they are, for you have more memory to write to.

    So, go for a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB. The 850 has stacked memory which is what you want for the individual memory cells are much larger and more reliable then the small cells of the 840 and all the other latest SSD's by Crucial etc.
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    SSD + RAID 0. Read this all the way through:,3485.html

    tl-dr : No real performance benefit in real world use.
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