Want to initialize my drive in Device manager but gives error Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

I've got my old Hard Drive that I want to get my data on, I've connected it with a USB cable. But can't see it in my Computer can see it n Device Manager but it says it is not initialize. When I try to initialize it, it gives me an error saying Data error (Cyclic redundancy check)
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    Almost all redundancy check errors are due to drive failures. Run Seatools for windows on the drive to check it's health. Run the Short drive self test and the long generic. Drive brand doesn't matter. If it fails either test, try to reseat the SATA cable, switch the cable to another header or replace the cable. If it still fails after doing those things, the drive is probably bad.
  2. When I download Seatools it wants to check my hard drive disk om my computer. Which is not the one that I'm having problems with. How do run it with the one I'm having problems with?
  3. Ok I have run Seatools the hard drive passed. What else must I do all that I want to do is to get my data that is on the hard drive but I can't open it. I only see my hard drive in Control panel and Device Manager but it doesn't want to initialize in Device manager.
  4. You ran both the tests I indicated, specifically those tests and it passed them both? Then there must be an issue with the partition or file allocation tables on the drive if that's the case and either way, with a mechanical failure or file system problem, it's likely to not be recoverable. Your best bet might be to try the following or if it's extremely important data, try a data recovery service.

    Do you know if the drive was formatted as on of the FAT partitions or if it used NTFS?
  5. Yes I ran both and both passed. I think it is NTFS. The Data is my whole life all my pictures on it basically the last 15 years of my life so I would really like t recover it. Is there a recovery tool that you can suggest?
  6. Are you using a laptop or what are you trying to read the drive with that it's connected via USB? Did you install it in an enclosure or was it always in an enclosure? If it's in an enclosure, I'd recommend removing it from the enclosure and connecting it directly to a motherboard on a desktop computer with a SATA or IDE cable depending on how old the drive is. There could be an issue with your USB cable, the enclosure itself or just the fact that your computer doesn't like the usb enclosure/cable combination for some reason. A little more info about the entire configuration would be helpful.
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