3 x 120mm Exhaust fans or 2 X 140mm fans

Not quite sure whether this is the right area to post this but here goes. I have an NZXT H440 with a h110 in pushpull mounted at the front with a AF140 exhaust at the back and 2 AF140 exhausts at the top. The AF140's at the top are pretty old so when changing RPM one of the fans seems to make a shaking noise which is kinda annoying but tollerable. These fans are rated for 66.4 CFM at full speed. My question is whether it would be beneficial if i took out these fans and mounted 3 NZXT's FN v2 120mm fans which even at full speed are silent. They are rated for 45 CFM
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  1. I would get high quality fans, however I would suggest either 1000RPM or less or variable fans with a top RPM of 1800RPM. Then setup your fan control software to optimize for noise.

    I'm not sure what you mean "when changing RPM" precisely but if you can use fan control software or if it's 3-speed manual you may find that locking it to a low speed to prevent noise still gives you plenty of cooling but doesn't require new fans.

    - I don't recommend you have the CPU liquid cooler set as INTAKE. Some recommend that because it can cool the CPU better but not only do you likely have sufficient CPU cooling if set to exhaust but it also makes the internal of the case much hotter.

    Thus the INTAKE method makes the CPU cooler but makes your GPU's hotter and gaming performance can actually DROP.

    - If you change the configuration, then you'll want to switch the case fans to INTAKE
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