What to do? Replace failing 1TB with 3 x WD VelociRaptor in RAID 0?

My current rig is 240Gb SSD with a 1TB 7200 HDD for any spill over games / some casual downloads.

I happen to have 3 old Velociraptor 10k 150gb drives going spare. I don't really need too much additional storage as I have a NAS for my media files, and equally I'd rather not buy another SSD unless I have too.

Do you think as a RAID 0 implementation is a good idea? Or should I just get another SSD?

Thanks, Olly
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  1. Velociraptor have read of aproximatelly 200mb/s, you are overpaying for it, the Toshiba 2TB cost almost half less and do 170-180mb/read which is damn fast for that price and the reliability is very good on those models. The 3TB version is a little slower but if you run it in raid it's still great.
  2. Welcome to the community, intercake!

    Great storage setup you got there! Congrats! :)
    RAID 0 is a good idea, if you have a specific purpose for it (like intense video editing or very high-end gaming) and do regular backups of the files you are tempering with there. So I have to ask what do you plan to use the RAID 0 for? What is the speed you want to reach and its main purpose?

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    I would personally try out RAID 0 implementation.
  4. Thanks for all your input. I went for Raptor Raid as a test, which performs pretty well when in constant use, the big issue is the time it takes to do anything after it's gone idle, but it's an excellent way to use some old disks! Makes a lot of noise but runs nearly as fast as my SSD, getting just over 300mb read/write. I've got some old 15k Cheetahs so may give some of those a punt on a SAS RAID and see how that goes too.

    Thanks again for the responses.
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