Amd 8320 OC - M5A97 R2.0 - Hyper 212 Evo - Need some help.

In the middle of overclocking my CPU, I have been recording temps and the CPU voltage from 3.5 to 4.1 ghz.

4.1ghz is stable on the stock voltage which is 1.225v.
Iv'e Been running 10-15min tests on Prime 95 Small fft's.

I tried yesterday Overclocking but give up as I was annoyed at the voltage as it kept going under what I had manually set in the bios for example at 4.0ghz I had 1.25v but it was reading 1.164v in HWmonitor.

So after some reading I decided to give it a go today by enabling LLC and my volts now stay around what I have set for example when set at 1.225v they change to 1.236v at idle and 1.266v at load.

Do these readings same right and can some one explain it more to me, if i was right enabling LLC.

Also temps are getting quite high at 4.1ghz even at stock volts.

Idle - Socket 34c, CPU 16c
Load - Socket 66c, CPU 49c

These temps same like my motherboard is holding me back so I was wondering about attaching a CPU fan to the board to help cool it.

Anyway just need some help and want to know if I am doing all this right.

Oh and since I am manually changing the CPU voltage how do I put back on some energy saving features like Cool n quiet.
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    That is normal for LLC. It is designed to give the CPU load line a voltage boost under load to counter vDroop.

    You will usually see around a 0.025v fluctuation between idle and load.

    Leave all energy saving features off while testing your OC. Once you have it stable, you can try turing C&Q back on, but with a manual OC it may not work as well.
  2. Thanks for the reply, C&Q isn't even present now since I set the Voltage to manual instead of Offset most of the options have disappeared.

    And are my temps and Voltages normal for 4.1ghz ?

    And any thoughts on putting a small fan on the motherboard to blow cool air onto the heatsinks.

    Or maybe even at the back of the motherboard where the mounting brackets is ? Think I saw someone do that before.
  3. Any is this normal when testing in Prime ?

    Test 1 skipped onto test 2 after the 5mins, although test 2 passed and the following test also passed.
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