Blue Screen of Death on a i7, year old computer after installing Dragon Age Origins


I recently purchased and installed Dragon Age Origins on my pc, but it would not play, and instead gave me an error message (something about a PhysX file missing). I contacted EA and they helped me resolve the problem by telling me to delete a series of files called 'origin' in different folders on my pc. I did so and when I next went onto origin it had to reinstall and update and then DAO worked perfectly fine.

However after a few hours of playing my computer crashed and gave me a blue screen :(. I thought it might be a mistake and so restarted and played again, but it gave me another blue screen after about 30mins. This was odd because I could still play newer games like Skyrim and Dragon Age Inquisition for hours without problems. I got the blue screen 3 times before I started to get worried.

The next time I turned on my pc it wouldn’t switch on properly - the fans and lights would switch on, but the screen remained off. After 3 or 4 time of disconnecting the power cable and switching it on again, it eventually worked, and once it was on I could use the pc normally - browse the internet, watch videos, use office documents. But once I played any game it would just stop working properly - it will play a game for 30 minutes or so before the game would start getting lower frame rates and freezing for a few seconds and if I touched the graphics card and CPU cooler and find them both very hot - almost too hot to touch.

I ran various virus scans through Avast, Malware bytes and Comodo Firewall, but found nothing. I also updated my drivers because I realised some were outdated, but that did not fix my problem.
The next time I switched on my pc the screen remained blank again. I tried switching it on about 10 time to no avail. I eventually read somewhere online to remove my RAM and blow on them then reinstall them - and it strangely worked, my pc switched back on! I am not sure whether it was a coincident or not

I am still however still hesitant to play games for more than 30 minutes, because every time I touch my GPU/CPU cooler after that amount of time it feels really hot (though keep in mind I have no idea what temperatures are safe, so it could be alright, but I don’t want to risk it) I have also been hesitant to switch it off, in case it does not switch on again

This pc is about 1 year old now with specs as follows:
CPU: i7 2600k
GPU: R9 280x
Ram: 8gb 1600
Power Supply: corsair GS800w
2 x 1tb hard drives

This pc has worked perfectly fine for the past year with no problems. Is it a software or hardware problem, or is it possibly somehow origins fault?

Thanks for any help in advance
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  1. Well to start, you shouldn't go touching components like that.
    1. You can damage them
    2. Even at safe temperatures they are still very hot to touch.

    For your problem, Download some temperature recording software like HWmonitor, Realtemp, MSI afterburner and load up some games. For the GPU, anything up to around 75-80c will be fine for the 280x. For that i7, anything over 65-70c would be a cause for some worry. Get some compressed air and blow out any dust that may have built up. You may also consider an after market cooler like the Hyper evo 212, or if you can a closed loop AIO cooler like the Corsair H"x" series. If temps are fine, I would look at the PSU for issues.
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