Trying to recover some data from bad hard drive using usb to sata enclosure

Trying to recover some files from bad hard drive using usb to sata hard drive enclosure
submitted 2 minutes ago by mdwilson82
I have an Asus K55a. I had a Hitachi 750gb hard drive that failed on me. I went out and bought a new samsung ssd 250gb hard drive and replace. Computer is up and running on Windows 7. My computer has 8gb of ram. I have an 1TB external hard drive. I had most files back up with the exception of a very important pro tools session i was working on right before the crash. I need to recover it.
Before buying a new drive i downloaded ubuntu live cd on a different computer and used it to boot up computer. I recognized my hard drive but wouldn't let me "mount" to it. It also said my hard drive health as : "will fail soon" or something like that. Also, showed that I had tons of bad blocks or sectors, somewhere near 20,000.
I went out and bought a usb to sata hard drive enclosure. I put old drive in and plugged it into computer with my new drive in it. In "my computer" it shows the old drive as drive "e". And in bios, the hitachi is recognized. The problem is when I click on the drive it tries opening or loading for several minutes and then eventually says "E: is not accessible, parameter is incorrect". It then also freezes my computer and makes me hard shutdown.
I downloaded ontrack easy recovery but it says I need a drive large enough to fit all the data on old drive. I can use my external but I have important files on it and I don't know if those files would be wiped if I use it to recover. Also, when I plug both external drive and old drive into computer it freezes ontrack software.
So, I'm wondering my best options are. I can not afford professional recovery. I really just need the one session file folder which probably adds up to about 3gb. Would love to recover some other stuff but it's not nearly as important.
When my old drive is in enclosure and "starts up" it doesn't make a clinking noise and sounds like it is spinning normally.
What can I do?
Thank you for responses!
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