When consoles die out (probably 2025) where will young children play?

I have a theory that when consoles die out, most youn children (5-12) will transition onto mobile. Think about it. Most children of that age group are not pc savvy (stupid dumbed down smartphones) and unless they have a family member that is PC savvy, than mobile will be the best option. For many teens, it will be a different story. I have a theory that they will become pc gamers due to their attraction to AAA games. PC will become the platform of choice. If this is true, squeakers will die out!
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  1. Consoles will not die out. They may change some, but I think we will start seeing VR technologies soon.
  2. Mr5oh said:
    Consoles will not die out. They may change some, but I think we will start seeing VR technologies soon.
    I'm talking about the three major brands: Xbox, Playstation (Then again, Sony is in a bad situation as it is) and Nintendo (Then again, you don't see squeakers on Nintendo). I'm talking about basic video game console brands, a.k.a. the big three. I don't think anyone really wants to use VR as a means to relax. Do you think VR will be able to handle the Witcher 3? (Then again, I don't think the "next gen" consoles will suffice a good port) Nope. How bout Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6? Nope. How bout COD 9000 (bad example, Cod isn't the most demanding, heck, the Wii U can handle it) VR probably will take 5 years to become as powerful as the "NEXT GEN" consoles. Oh, wait. By then, we will see the PS5, The Xbox (___) and the Nintendo (Ok I have no idea).
  3. Honestly I think the VR indsutry innovation will be driven more by the "adult entertainment" industry than the video game industry initially.

    Even if the big three die out (which is unlikely), I'd be willing to bet many other smaller companies release things. Look how many companies released systems back in the 80s.

    Maybe its time for video game makers to go back to figuring out what made games fun, instead of rehashing the same thing over and over again. I'd say 98% of my Xbox games sit on the shelf forever after I play through them once. However I can pick up PunchOut or Contra, or any Mario (NES) game and play it and have fun. Modern games don't have the re-playability that classic games did. This is why I think they have lost something, and perhaps something they need to sort out to stay alive.

    The only real warning sign I see is new games (big titles) are still be released on previous generation consoles, which to me would seem to indicate adoption rates are not as high as the big three would like.

    Really I think saying consoles will die out is like saying this will be the year of the Linux desktop. Sure us geeks would like for it to happen, but its not likely.

    Quite frankly I've gone to almost strictly consoles, as least those don't require an internet connection to a DRM server. Ive never even cashed in any of the free game coupons that came with my last video card for this reason.
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