Raw Read Error Rate( threshold reached)

today while i was using my laptop a windows poped-up and warned me to backup my data (http://imgur.com/7yHSdox). I dont understand much about hdd so i asked a friend and he told me to scan my disk with HD Tune Pro, here are the results: http://

should i be really concerned? if i am correct my guarantee will end 6 months later, would my service provide me a new disk for free ( i really cant afford anything right now), what would happen if keep using my laptop beside losing data (i dont have any important data on my laptop), would it affect other hardwares?

thanks in advance for your answers

p.s: i use Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 http://
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  1. Most likely what will happen is your hard drive will fail to do anything , it won't effect any other hardware, maybe best call up the manufacturer telling them what's happening now rather than wait.
  2. backup ur hdd and replace it
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