AMD HD 6970 GPU - Screen turns black but still have sound


I have just upgraded my GPU in my system from a HD 6670 to an HD 6970 GPU. I bought it used but it was in very good condition, as far as I can tell. I just started tinkering with it by playing some Higher Res games than what I was able to play before. After 15-30 minutes of game time my monitor will go completely black, and within 5 seconds it starts searching for a signal automaticly from HDMI to Analog. After about 10 seconds it says that there is no signal. I can not do anything other than turn my PC off and then turn it back on again. During gamely and up to the black out, I get ZERO lag time in game and still pulling 70+ FPS, the sound still plays perfectly with no distortion or any noticeable difference than normal and my pc fans are running normal. I will immediately turn my pc back on to check the temp of my PC, GPU and CPU and all are at very good temps (32 C - 44 C). Also, after this happens, if i load the game back up, by the time i get to the main menu it blacks out again within 3 seconds or so. I would like to know if anyone can tell me a solution, or maybe diagnose the problem. Here are my specs and the things I have already tried

AMD FX 8120 8-Core CPU 3.10ghz
8 DDR3 ram
700 watt power supply with dedicated GPU power
Cooler Master liquid cooling for CPU
5 120MM Cooler Master case fans

Things I have already tried:
Changed HDMI cable
Checked for driver updates
Changed to older driver version
Tried different games
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  1. Its a really old GPU its most likely damaged this is the danger of buying old and used I hope you didn't spend more than 50$ on time buy new
  2. Well thank you but that's not a solution to my problem. Regardless if it is used or new, I think I would like to see if there is a possible solution before we say that my GPU is junk. My old GPU that I replaced it with is even older and it still works top notch. This card performs great but after so long the screen goes black. So lets pretend this card is brand new, what can I do to diagnose this problem I am having.
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