Network adapter stopped working. (Constantly identifying, attempting to authenticate, or failing to connect)

I have a USB wifi network adapter that has worked well on my computer in the past that no longer allows me to connect to the internet. I've been able to connect to my network a few times, but it still doesn't give me internet. However, it works perfectly on my other computer, so I'm sure that it's not my adapter that needs fixing.

Like I've said in the title, the status of my adapter is either stuck on identifying, attempting to authenticate, or failing to connect to the network. But during the rare times that it does connect, it says that I have limited access and that there is no internet connection. Just recently, I've tried reinstalling the driver for the adapter and it did bring the internet back. It only stayed for about 5 minutes though. Also, when I try to troubleshoot, it just restarts restarts the adapter.

If anyone knows how to fix this, please help. I'll gladly give more information if you need it, and I'll try to reply as soon as possible. Thanks!
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    No known software changes prior to the problem - correct?

    Have you tried (if available) another USB port on "my computer"? Intermittment connectivity suggests a hardware problem. USB ports can be problematic.

    And, even though the existing USB wireless adapter works well on the the other computer, I would still try another USB wireless adapter on the computer/location in question. Just to be sure that the current USB wireless adapter is not the culprit. Hopefully you can borrow another adapter from someone.

    When you tried the USB wifi network adapter on "my other computer" did you move that computer (if possible) to the exact location of the "my computer" per your first sentence? Maybe there is now some new local environmental factor disrupting connectivity that was not present in the past. E.g., any remodeling, wiring changes, router moves, and so forth prior to the problems you described?


    Take care,

  2. 1st) Turn off you computer
    2nd) Detach the power cord that goes to the computer (OR if you have a switch on your Power supply switch that off)
    3rd) Hold the power button down for 10 seconds
    4th) Reboot PC
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