does ddr3 GPU fit on ddr2 motherboard

Hi iI wanted to ask if ddr3 GPU would fit in ddr2 mother board
Here is the gpu:
GeForce GTX650 2GB 384Bit

And would it work with games like:
Crysis 3
Cryengine 3
GTA 4/5
Dota 2
Counter strike global offensive
Battle field 3/4
Counter strike source
Half - Life 2?
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  1. You're getting mixed up. The ddr3 GPU has the ddr3 video ram (vram) on board. The card plugs into a motherboard pcie slot. Its got nothing to do with system ram - in your case ddr2 type.

    So the GPU will work on any motherboard.
  2. So will it work for those games i typed? Would I be able to play them?
  3. The gtx650 will work at low resolution and low settings if you have a half way decent CPU and ram

    eg BF4 -

    You can look up the others yourself.
  4. Thank you :)
    Does the green NIKE thing means that it can run it and when is it gold it can run it very well?
  5. I have 2 CPUs : Intel Xeon E5420 (8cores)
    8 GB ECC RAM
  6. Best answer
    I would not recommend any gddr3 GPU for gaming ita just too slow
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