Crystaldiskinfo status changed from Caution to Unknown

These are the values I had when the status was Caution

Reallocated Sectors Count = was over 12 000
Current Pending Sector Count = was over 1000
Uncorrectable Sector Count = was over 1000

Does it mean it's about to die?
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  1. Quote:
    Does it mean it's about to die?

  2. Hi there compote,

    Most probably yes. Having that much correctable sectors also means that the drive is unreliable and you should take your data off the drive as soon as possible.
    I guess you can slow the dying process a bit with writing zeros on the drive. Though, bad sectors will eventually continue to appear.
    If this is your primary HDD, just get a new one and use this one for storing non important data.

  3. Done. I bought a new one and got all the data off the old one.
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