New computer build, great performance, terrible gaming peformance

Hey guys. This is kind of embarrassing for me, because I have been building computers since I was a little kid with a 486. Recently, I just built a small form factor i7 gaming machine and I am getting extremely poor frame rates on games my lesser machine rocks out at.

Nvidia 970 (evga)
Windows 8.1
450w Gold SFX Power Supply

I check with HWinfo64, I don't see an overheating problem. I mean, Crysis 3 STARTS at 6 fps. If I set it to LOW it only cranks out 16ish fps. I don't think it's a memory issue, because when it's not gaming, the machine runs great. I've ran out of idea's here, anyone want to give me a thought?

*So far I've re-installed the graphics card,
re-installed the chipset
did the ASRock utility to check to see if I missed any drivers
updated windows 8.1 to current
checked directX
pulled my hair out
downed some whiskey

Still nothing!
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  1. Hang on... I think I see something. In HWiNFO it says that my GPU voltage is .8... that shouldn't be... correct?
  2. Well, just replaced the cable from the power supply to the video card to no effect. So, if that is the issue, either bad video card or bad power supply. Please let me know your thoughts if you can.
  3. Just incase I get a response,

    I called EVGA Tech Support, they did some tests, and thankfully, it's a bad video card. The GPU Clock just sat a 185 and didn't move, so he said there was something wrong with it. RMA is in place, waiting for mailing instructions. Bummer, but at least it is fixable. The downside to ordering parts online :-(
  4. I'm no expert on power supplies but if the voltage on your GPU is low I would think that could mean either the power supply is defective or not enough watts for your new setup. Hopefully the RMA GPU will fix it but if not I would think about a different power supply.
  5. That is a pretty low wattage power supply unit.
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