Computer being super slow and laggy

This is a custom built computer I built summer 2013 with:

i5 3540
gtx 660 3gb
8gb crucial ram(forgot the name of it but its gaming)
500gb HDD
750watt power supply from corsair

Basically when I came home today and turned it on and started browsing the internet I noticed half the web pages i tried to load didn't load it overall was frustrating. Most of the time CSS wouldn't even load on websites and the most frustrating part was trying to print 2 pieces of paper which took 2 hours.

I called up time warner and they did what they could and I came to a conclusion that it wasn't the internet it was my computer. I noticed this when going through control panel and explorer and realizing that these programs were also slow and laggy too.

What are some solutions to this? I already tried system restore but it said my antivirus was interfering so i turned it off and it gave me the same error again. I've restarted my computer, modem, and router about 3 times already

I'm thinking of just resetting my whole computer to factory settings and starting clean

Sorry for bad quality post
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    It may be full of registry errors and software conflicts. Try CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry portions both. You may need to run it more than once.
    Also look in your tray for stuff running in the background that you can disable. Run them on an as need basis rather than having them run TSR (terminate and stay resident) at bootup.
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