My corrupted Seagate 1tb external hard disk

My 1 tb Seagate external hard disk is corrupted. when I try to format, it shows "windows is unable to format the drive". I tried the check disk option but while creating a partition, it gets stuck at 0%.i tried formatting using disk management,i succeeded but while using, it gets way too slow and stops responding. It doesn't have any data.what should I do to make my hard disk as it was before ?? Any external softwares ??
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  1. Replacing it will resolve the issue. RMA it if it still is under warranty.
  2. Hi there Anirudh kashyap,

    If the HDD is under warranty, you should RMA it as the other guys already suggested.
    If the HDD is out of warranty though, then I guess you can just take it out of the enclosure and connect it internally through SATA. There is a chance that the issue you are facing is caused by faulty enclosure. After that you can test the drive with a brand specific testing tool and see whether it is still usable.

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