2nd SSD coming up as "System Reserved" in Disk Management.

So basically I got 2 Samsung 250gb EVO SSDs to help solve a problem that turned out to be with my old mother board.

LOOONG story short I attempted multiple clean installations of windows 8.1 on these disks and ended up finding out that my mother board was jacked up. Flash forwards 2 weeks to today, new mobo, do a Clean install, drivers for all ect. and I notice that only one of my SSDs was showing up under "My Computer". So I check disk management and see that part of an old version of windows (or maybe Ubuntu?) was left and causing the disk to now show up. In management it shows as system reserved. (Obviously the old system) but I cant seem to figure out how to delete this so I can have my dang second SSD to save games and stuff on. If anyone knows a solution let me know. I've included pics for reference. http://i.imgur.com/66IGLcV.png http://i.imgur.com/tO2CNH9.png
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  1. When you installed your clean windows, did you have your 2nd SSD plugged in as well?
  2. You can't delete the system reserved partition because that's where Windows created it at installation time. However you can format the rest of the drive (which is most of it) and use it. Only problem is that you need to leave that SDD connected; otherwise the OS won't load.
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