New system w. AMD FX 9590 Sabertooth 990FX, Radeon R9 270 constant hangs Windows 8.1

Hello all.

I've recently upgraded my system and by buying an AMD FX 9590 a Sabertooth 990FX and a Radeon R9 270.
The rest of the rig is;
OCZ 750Watt PSU
12gig corsair vengeance RAM
2nd GPU in Crossfire with the R9, HD 6580
Arctic Freeze CPU cooler

My problems. It started with windows hanging when trying to run more than a few programs at once. I then installed a CPU monitor and noticed that the first core's mhz was dropping from 5k to 1.5k occasionally. Having looked at a solution for that on here I changed a few settings in the Bios to stop the dropping, it succeeded in doing this but not stopping the hanging of windows.
The system now will not boot or at least it will get to a windows log on and then it will hang/freeze/crash.

So I am wondering if i am;
A) Under powering the system, I know the 9590 is power hungry and im curious as to whether the OCZ 750w PSU isn't quite up to the job?
B) The cooling on the CPU isn't up to scratch and I should invest in a water cooling module?
C) Any other potential problems, maybe not having the cards in Crossfire?

Any and all help is muchly appreciated.
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    I think you are WAY under the required power supply for that rig. 12GB RAM is obviously not a matched set of 4. It is either an old triple channel set or mixed sets.

    You could have a ton of things going wrong.
  2. Ok I've gone down to just one pair of RAM (2x4gb) to see if that helps settle the system down at all.

    Edit - ok this hasn't really made any difference, still getting full on freezes/crashes of the system.
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