game freeze for moment lag fifa 15 watch dogs

hello .i have this:
cpu : i3 2130
ram : 6g
grafic: gtx 560
and i updated to the latest driver . the problem is that i play many game with hight resolution like the last dragon ball and far cry 4 and nfs rival . but when i play watch dogs or fifa 15 in the game it freeze for a moment and than work good after it freze again and it made me crazy.
sometimes in watch dogs when i play the game in window screen it works great but whene i play in fullscreen the probleme happen again .
Do you have some idea ? thank you
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    watch dogs is just poorly optimized its not your pc's fault... fifa is easy to run and your rig should blow though it... maybe the game is saving and or is a sloppy port? im not surprised about watch dogs lagging but fifa should run well... if your lagging try turning the resolution and detail settings lower...
  2. thank you for the answer but i tried lower grafism and resolution . even disconect from internet .but the problem is still happening .
    what if i install win 8.1 ? i have win 7 64bit .
  3. same problem for me you better keep your resolution as 1280×768 bcz its the correct resolution for most high end game enjoy playing bro
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