Black Screen, peripherals shutdown during Prime95 stress test.

Hey, I'm overclocking my AMD Fx 8150. Was getting close to stable at around 4.3/4.4ghz which is my goal. (I don't feel any compelling need to go higher). Last test I ran with vcore at 1.36 volts

My MOBO is a MSI 890 fxa gd70.
GPU: Have 2 HD Radeon 8650's linked via crossfire.
Ram: 2 8gb sticks by G.skill DDR3
PSU: 850W

Not using a stock heat sink, and during PRIME95 stress testing I haven't reached temps higher than 52-53cels. I usually average 48-49 during those tests.

After 20 minutes - 50 minutes of running prime95 my screen goes black and my peripherals (keyboard and mouse) don't work. The fans are still running and the rest of the pc seems to still be running, but I'm required to cut off power to the pc (via PSU switch) and turn it back on again to get it to restart. The normal restart button doesn't work when its locked like this.

Reading elsewhere some people with similar issues thought they had heat sink or thermal paste issues or some overheating problem. I'm not sure if I am as my temperatures seem to be fine even right before it happens. Though tomorrow I'm going to look for an alternative Temperature monitoring program to make sure.

Any help is appreciated. Let me know if you need more information.
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  1. you over clock is unstable bring down the clock or raise the voltage
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