Z97 Deluxe or Z97 Extreme 9

I can get these two for the same price, are there any big differences between them?
The asus has 16+2 phases, 12 for asrock
asus has no ps/2 port and an option to disable hpet while the asrock does.
in general people say that asus boards are higher quality than asus.
My uses are mainly gaming and overclocking. which one should I go for?
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    Hmm hard decision; they are both really good motherboards. But I noticed the Z97 deluxe has another 100 Mhz to offer which I think is a difference. Faster, Powerful, more efficient memory to me is good. And honestly I think Asus is a better company than ASrock, based on personal experience from asrock. Go for the Z97 deluxe I'd say
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  2. The asrock supports pcie 3.0 x4 for fast m.2 speeds. Only other boards that can do that for z97 is the asus ws and a couple others. The asrock is probably the best bang for your buck unless you can find other asus mobos for really cheap.

    Other than that, the above poster has brought up some good points. I've never had any problems with ASUS and right now I'm running a z97a but the m.2 speeds are half of what they should be. The board does OC my cpu and ram very easily and @4.6ghz for a 4690k i5
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