Bought a motherboard but still confused on what graphics card to get

I started buying my parts for my budget gaming pc. I have an amd processor and my mother board so far. I'm going to buy my graphics card this week(maybe tonight) but I am still unsure what graphics card to get. I just got this GDDR3 or 5 on the description of some graphics cards. My mother board is an Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0

I looked at the memory standard of DDR3 but all im seeing is graphics that are GDDR5 or 3 I don't want to waste money and buy the wrong thing but is there any graphics card that can be compatible with this motherboard?
My budget for a card is about $250 right now I tend to upgrade it later I just need to build this thing asap before my laptop poops out on me.
specifically if possible, I would like it to be Nvidia.
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    motherboard memory (DDR3 or even DDR4) and graphics card memory (GDDR5) are completely separate and one has nothing to do with the other. don't worry about it. if you can spend up to $250 and want nvidia, pick the one that fits your budget. heck, maybe some fool is dumping his 970 at a loss and you can pick it up for a steal.
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