Samsung 850 Evo vs 850 Pro

So I'm in the market for a 1tb SSD for use as main hardrive/boot drive.
I live in Denmark, and am buying from, and the prices are £337.83 for the Evo, and £461.30 for the Pro.

My question is: Is the Pro worth the extra expense, or should I just buy the Evo?
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    The Pro is a bit faster then the Evo. The internal controller on the PRO is different than the EVO. The PRO offer a 10 Year Warranty, meanwhile the EVO offers 5 Years.
    Basically the PRO offers you the most performance. But the EVO is right after it. So, I will save some money and just get the EVO. I got one myself and its super fast!
    also check this link out, has some interesting info
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