High temperatures on 4.5 OC I5-2500K + Z68XP-UD3

Hi everyone, firs of all, yes, im aware that there's tons of information regarding this popular CPU.
Trust me, i've readed everything and tried everything but after 30-45 mins running the P95 small FFTs, i get a BSOD (101 and 124, mostly the last one).

No matter what i do on the BIOS, what VCORE/PPL/LLC Profile i use, i get high temperatures:
Idle: 35-40 / Load: 75-70 degress.

Right now the VCORE v im using is 1.260 (i tried 1.4, 1.3, 1.2 and different variations with the same results :( ).

My specs are:
Mother: z68xp-ud3 rev 1 (lastest bios updated)
Micro: i5-2500k
Fan: Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus.
Power: corsair tx850m

Just yesterday i re-new'd the thermal paste, i used the one that came with the cooler.
The temps downed a bit but they're still high, and i don't know why this is happening since it seems like everyone get this OC working even without spending a lot of time.
Now im trying to get at least 4.2, and still, i get BSOD when i run the P95 test.

Here are some screencaps of my OHWM:

I couldn't take screenshot of the on-load temps because it went to 90/100 and then crashed.

I had to run fail-safe defaults to make this post.
Also, here's a video of how i had the bios cfg'd 10 minutes ago.

I tried disabling/enabling the power saver options on the bios, too.

Installed SpeedFan but had to uninstall it because it was messing with my HD6970 card fans.

Hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, i forgot, several times, when i came back from the BSOD, my PC time changed to year 2011. Not sure if this means something.
Random tip: DO NOT EVER install core temp. Its full of spyware/bloatware/ads plugins for firefox, had to clean the registry manually, etc. Its garbage.
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    A while back I had a Phenom II x6 that would clock to 4.2ghz, and slowly over time I had to drop the clock speed to stay stable because of temperatures. I ended up down to 3.9ghz before I decided to look into it further. I cleaned out my case and replaced the thermal paste. That got me back to 4.0ghz stable, but I wasn't satisfied. In the end I found out the reason for the high temp readings was the small amount of fine dust that was settled around the CPU socket are. I used 99% isoprophyl alcohol and a cotton swab to clean around the socket VERY carefully. I booted back up and my temps dropped drastically, and I was able to go back to 4.2ghz without an issue. Temps were back to the day I got the parts and first overclocked them. Maybe this may work for you.

    PS: I didn't clean the socket itself, just around the perimeter.
  2. Thanks, will try that later today and post results.
  3. Ok, did clean as you said but nothing happened.
    However i got some good/bad news... my new top temp on load is 70 instead of 100 like before.
    Here are my OHWM screencap on load + touch bios screen. What should i touch to get 60 degress max like everyone else? Thanks.
    Touch bios config i used this time:

    Any help please? :( I dont want to fry my proccesor :(.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: During some games i get 75 degrees and random stutters too :( .
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