will a bottom mounted psu fit in a top mounted case?

hi there sorry if my question sounds dumb but here's the thing... i'm planning to buy a new pc but only the parts because my parents don't want to throw away our old case at home. i've done a lot of research and i know now that the components i'm gonna buy will work together. but i just remembered that our case has a top mounted psu. and from what i have read bottom mounted psus are the thing now. if i buy a psu here will it not fit to my case at home? corrrect me if i'm wrong but because from what i understand top mounted psus have their fans pointed downwards and vice versa? i never had a good look at my case a lot so i cant remember... lol anyway my point is will any psu fit to my top mounted psu case? thanks in advance
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    Power supplies are not made to be top or bottom mounted, the case dictates that.

    Meaning they can be mounted however the case is designed. You don't have to worry about that when buying one :)
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