Best Pre-Built Gaming PC under $2,500 (all builds under $2,000 will be appreciated to)

Hi, I am currently in search for a very good gaming PC for under $2,500 (if you think that is too much, and have a better build for $2,000 please tell me) as my current one is just about to burn out and i can hardly play any games on it anymore.

-Building is not an option, so if you can i would appreciate if you give me builds that i can build/configure on sites like CyberpowerPc or others that you may recommend, Thank you -

I have been playing around with the configurator on the CyberPowerPC site but it is a little confusing as there is just so much to choose from and i am not that up to date with all the new Hardware out there nor am i familiar with all the Cons/pros of different parts.
I would like to buy a PC that can run all of the AAA and other title games at all of the max settings while still being able to play at the smoothest possible and with fast/no lag game play.

I would also like to have two GPU's, if you think i need only 1 powerful GPU, simply tell me.
I would also like SSD. (Should i have 2 SSD's or 1 SSD and 1 HDD?)
I have also been thinking about a water cooling system but i would like to here what you guys think please, as i do not know much about them. And if i do get one, would i need to refill every so often? or clean it? and what about a spill/leak?

Please give me a setup that has a good cooling system and a case that has a good airflow, as where i live gets pretty hot and there is a dust problem. So any advice on how to avoid and get rid of dust will be much appreciated!
Please give me a couple setups which i can configure and buy on gaming PC sites :). And please give me different choices and the cons and pros of different hardware if you can.
I would like to rig to last for a while but do not mind making little upgrades here and there in the future. I would like superclock/overclock hardware, please tell me how much i should overclock stuff or if i should not at all.

I should also mention that if you have a good build that will do all the things that i want and will run all games at max settings for $2,000 or under please tell me. My budget is $3,000, but if i can get the same results from a cheaper cost build and save some money for other things like a good screen/accessories that will help a lot.

And i would like all good brands that will last :)

Some of the games i will be playing a lot on the PC are:

- The Battlefield Series
- FFXIV A Realm Reborn (online game)
- Elder Scrolls Online
- The Witcher 3
- Star Citizen (when it comes out, so i want my PC to be able to last and still work as good even in 2016)

These are just some of the games that i want to play on Max Settings.

(Sorry for such a long post, i just wanted to ask all the questions that were on my mind so i can get a good long lasting PC without any worries) :)
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  2. Look, there's no such limit of spending money on a rig. $1000 will give you a nice entry level rig, $1700-2000 will give you a rig future-proof for next 2 years for high end gaming, $2500-3000 will give you a high end rig future-proof for 4-5 years.

    $3000 build:

    A high end rig. The two SSDs would set up as RAID 0 for quicker loading. Two 980s are used for SLI.

    $2500 build:

    A 4790's included as previous. two 970s replace the two 980s. H80i replaces H100i.

    $2000 build:

    This time an i5 will do the trick. No need for SLI, a nice 970 is sufficient. Most other parts are same.

    Each one is equally good, but based on how much future-proofing you need, choose one among the three. As you are already willing to spend 3k, it will future-proof your rig for the next 4 years for high end gaming, with settings maxed out.
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