Does the blue yeti need a shock mount so I can use it with a boom arm?

Hello, I've been wanting to buy a boom arm for my blue yeti to get the keyboard sounds away from my microphone but I can't seem to find the radius shockmount anywhere on amazon so I was wondering if I can screw the boom arm onto my blue yeti and not have to use a shock mount until I finally find one
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    You don't need a shock mount and it should screw in with no problem. It's easy to put the shock mount in when you find one. This is the shock mount that's made for the Yeti btw:
  2. Oh ok thanks unfortunately the product is not available so I guess I'll have to wait. :)
  3. Oh yeah sorry I didn't notice. I just saw that it was cheaper there. Did you already buy the yeti? Or are you going to be buying the Yeti with all of these extras?
  4. I've owned the Blue Yeti since november but noticed I had issues with my mic picking up keyboard sounds since I use the stand and it's right next to my keyboard so somebody recommended me to buy a boom arm
  5. it was Hard for me to Find a Proper Mic Boom I found one for like $30 in total with shipping to Canada .
    or its $45 with a Shock mount & Pop Filter.
    All you need to do is Screw it In.
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