Windows does not see 2nd hdd

I have built a system which has a 240gb ssd which is the primary drive and I have set up 2 3tb drives in raid 1. I have gone into windows disk management and correctly formatted the ssd and one of the hdds but in disk management it is not showing my second hdd. What have I done wrong?

Thank you for your time and expertise.
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  1. Is the drive spinning as expected? Can you feel it vibrating?
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    I figured it out. I thought I'd post the solution for others that have had this question. Also shows what a newb I am, but I'm learning! When 2 drives are said in raid 0 or raid 1, windows sees them as 1 drive. I was able to prove that by resetting the 2 drives to raid 0. In disk manager windows still saw just one drive but the storage amount was double. If the 2 drives were NOT in a raid configuration, windows would see both drives.

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