windows 8.1 load error after bios update on MARK 1

Hey Everyone! I updated my bios to the latest version 2205 and after restarting I see its the correct version in the UEFI. but windows 8.1 will show the logo then an error occurs saying it cannot load. after attempting each bios version down until the original that was there, I had to repair windows and loss all my downloads. anyone know why this error happens?
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  1. No, I don't know. What I will say is unless you NEED some change in a BIOS update to fix something ... DON'T MESS WITH IT. There is never a reason to do a "casual" BIOS updates, you run a better chance of messing something up than gaining anything.
  2. Actually I beleive I figured it out after I posted. When I updated the bios it set (or I did) the rapid sata controller on that controls the raid setup and I think it was looking for a raid. After I saw this I changed it and it works great now. Unfortunately after everything was erased. Oh well.
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