Please Help Me About Windows 8.1 "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" Blue Screen of Death (ntfs.sys)

Please after i delete some regedit my laptop can't on Please help me :(

If you can email me on :[no email]
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  1. If you didn't backup the registry, you will probably need to do a system restore
  2. Thank you for answer

    My problem was that because my windows install startisback at me after that they bring up a pop-up to buy licensenya after I delete registery key in the windows and finally my laptop can not turn on after can in turn I got caught in a laptop BOSD
  3. why didn't you just uninstall startisback?
  4. I am already uninstall, but still i have error
  5. My Laptop on but only few minutes :'(
  6. like I said it probably need to do a system recovery. but first, did you backup your data? and did the pc come with windows 8 or did you install it yourself?
  7. Okay the answer is my laptop come with no Operating System but in bios said my laptop good if i running windows 8.1 64 bit.

    I can recovery my data because after i turn on my laptop, my laptop got BOSD again and again and they said about NTFS or something like that :( :(
  8. My Laptop now is fine thanks to you guys :D
  9. what did we do?
  10. 13thmonkey said:
    what did we do?

    You do is Answer my question :)

    But my laptop fine because i bring my laptop to the reparation :D
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