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I recently purchased a Sapphire R9 270x 4Gb and installed it on my computer. I rebooted and I could no longer get any display. I should state that I've never attempted working on a computer myself before so I really have a limited view on technical jargon. A few posts suggested entering the BIOS menu to enter a safe mode but I don't have ANY display so I can't do that. Once the new card is installed the fans start up, there aren't any lights on the card so I can't tell if it's faulty and I don't have another system to try it on but I at least know it's getting power. This is not a custom build, I got it as a Gateway stock model and all the parts are from that bundle. When I plugged the old card in my display came back. I'm wondering if this is just a card drivers issue and if I should install the new card drivers with the old card in place, then shut down, reinstall the new card and boot back up?
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  1. The stock PSU is probably unable to properly power the video card. Whats the model number of the system?
  2. System model is a DX4860
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    Gravel grunt said:
    System model is a DX4860

    I would need the next 5 digits of the model number to confirm, but it either has a 300w unit or a 575w unit. My bet would be it has the 300w unit which was the default size for that model. A 300w psu will not power a 270x.
  4. Yeah I just looked it up, you're right. Good learning experience, I really appreciate the help :)
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