just upgraded my computer and now it crashes when i play games that worked fine before

I have a msi k9a2cf motherboard and like to game. I just bought coh2 and i needed to upgrade my computer a little to handle the specs. I put in a AMD Phenom II X4 945 and 4 more gigs of ram. Now it crashes in different ways when i play the same games that ran fine before. I am running windows 8 64, 8 gigs of ddr2 800 a 5830 ati video card... My computer runs way faster then before, I had a dual core 3.2 and 4 gigs of ram. I love it, i just wish that it wouldn't crash. Any help would be appreciated and I many thanks in advance.
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  1. When you say it crashes what does it do?
  2. it crashes blue screen with coh2, path of exile it crashes back to windows and says the program has a problem and freezes in tf2
  3. should i just update with all the new updates, even though they are meant for windows 8?
  4. snickers13900 said:
    should i just update with all the new updates, even though they are meant for windows 8?

    Are you not running windows 8? Definitely make sure everything is updated.
    I think because you installed a new CPU you may need to do a Bios Update.
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    make sure your running the newest amd chipset drivers.
  6. i was checking out some of my options in bios right now and notciced that my cpu fsb freq is set to 200mhz and i can adjust to 600mhz. The reason i was in there was to try and check out what the last bios update i did was. I remember flashing it with the c update a while ago. Maybe i need to flash it with the d update now. And yes, i am running windows 8. The board is old and msi only updates it to windows 7. That is why I questioned if i should be doing any updates to the board at all.
  7. updated my chipset with smorizio's amd chipset page and played tf2 for about an hour last night without a crash... holding my breath that that did the trick
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