Can't remember name of an old PC game

I'm looking for the name of one of the first games I can remember playing. The problem is I can't remember much from it, because I was very young when I played it. The only thing I can remember for sure is that you came to a castle/mansion (maybe even just a house?) and when you knocked on the door the moon shattered into pieces and fell down. I also remember there being something about a goldfish, and I think you could turn on and off the light in the main room.

I'm born in 1995, and I was probably around 2 years old when I played it, so I think it's a windows 95 game but i'm not 100% sure.
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  1. Beauty and the Beast?
    This is ringing a bell but all I can remember my kids playing around that time was SNES games mostly. Pc was Mickey's magical quest, pagemaster, and Beauty and the beast
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