I5 4690k vs amd fx 8350 which is better for recording, gaming, youtube, and rendering

I am quite flustered at this point, i have lately been researching what is better, the i5 4690k or the amd fx 8350? I want to know if the i5 4690k beats the amd fx 8350 in rendering, gaming and is good for a you-tuber. Now i dont want people to start bringing up the i7's i just want to know what is better overall the i5 4690k or the amd fx 8350. Which can get 100 fps and be rendering a video without lagging. Here is my pc build with both:



Which pc build could do as i said: render videos on sony vegas pretty quick, record games like minecraft, bf4, crysis, max payne and not see a difference in fps, and lastly multitask pretty much be able to render a video, livestream pretty smoothily and be able to play battle field 1080p without lagging. Thank you to all of you who respond!
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  1. Intel i5 4690k better than fx 8350 for recording or other

    Intel i5 4690k beats to fx 8350 everywhere
  2. I think you'll find pretty much unanimous agreement here that the i5 4690k is better for all of those tasks than the FX 8350.
    Here are some benchmarks comparing the two:
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    Well your in a bit of a pickle.

    FX-8 is better for rendering, i5 is better for gaming.

    Guess you need to ask yourself what's more important to you rendering or gaming, both can do both tasks but the 8 core of the FX makes it superior for rendering and the processing architecture and power of the i5 gives better gaming performance.

    Your choice.

    And I know you said you didn't want to hear it but I wouldn't be giving you the whole picture if I didn't mention .............. the i7 would fulfill both those tasks equally compared to the CPU's your comparing, rendering and gaming both at top level.
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    Dude .. i think you don't know. Intel 30% faster than amd cores .. intel is better at all
  5. Thank you to all of you who answered, my final choice will be the i5 4690k because i will mostly be gaming and only rendering a 10 minute video everyday, thanks!
  6. Gagan sarpanch said:
    Dude .. i think you don't know. Intel 30% faster than amd cores .. intel is better at all

    Oh I do know, I own an i5-4690k.

    But if you listened to what the OP actually said, he said he could be doing up to 4+ tasks at once, the i5 only has 4 cores so doing the sort of multitasking he mentioned the FX 8's octacore would have more threads to be able to handle that work load.

    Intel is faster as I alluded to when I said they had better architecture but that wasn't the question, the question was what's the better chip for multiloading.

    I think the OP has made the right choice mind.
  7. Having an i5 4690, an i7 4790k, and an fx 8350 its really going to be hard to notice. My boot up times are fast for windows 8 with all of them. In games they are all excellent. Both the I7 and the FX are running asus motherboards and xfx 7950 core editions. Skyrim is the most intensive game I have after mods and they both have zero issues, outside of mod crashes. Ive used them for video converting, and while it is hard to say since the videos vary in information the fx seems faster. At this point none of these pcs are overclocked. Over all it seems like a bunch of people find reason to be loyal to each brand. Personally I use the FX more since I like the case better. It was a cheaper build by a smidge and has a ton more extras, but the power consumption could make up the difference in motherboard and processor pricing.
    i7 4790k $300 on sale
    asus z87 sabertooth 199 on sale
    ultra 850 psu
    16 gigs of Kingston fury x ram
    xfx 7950 core
    ocz v4 256 gig ssd I would avoid these now, but had it on hand
    the rest is fairly standard ac wireless card, blue ray burner, dvd burner, water cooled, fan controller

    fx 8350 179 two years ago
    asus 990fx sabertooth 179 two years ago
    ultra 1000 psu
    Samsung 840 500 gig ssd
    32 gigs Kingston fury x ram
    xfx 7950 core
    coolermaster n520 would water cool now.
    wireless ac, blue ray burner, 2 dvd burners, and card reader, 2 3tb Seagate drives.

    i5 4690
    asus b85m-g
    xfx 7970
    Renter 850w psu
    ocz v4 256 gig ssd again I would choose another now
    large heatsink don't remember specifically which model I got looks similar to the stock i7 fan
    8 gigs of Kingston fury x
    2 dvd burners nothing extra

    And in normal stuff I don't know that I would know the difference if not for openhardwaremonitor telling me what its doing. I'm sure there is a difference in game, but I couldn't tell. Both the fx and i7 seem to run 60-70 fps easily enough unless I turn distance loads way up.. then they both drop to mid 40 to 50. Better card might help here, but my version of skyrim is beyond overkill with modded textures.
    Pick what you want and run with it. :)

    32 gigs Kingston fury x
  8. It depents on the type of software you use. With all 8 cores the 8350 will beat the 4690k but if you only use 4, the 4690k will definitely outpreform the 8350. That's beceause the single core preformence on the 4690k is way better.
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