My new computer has 5 GB of ddr3 memory, can I install the 8 GB of DDR2 from my old pc in it?

DDR2 vs DDR3
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  1. no, a mobo will take either DDR3 or DDR2 depending on design.
  2. And I've never seen a computer that can run more then one type of memory at the same time. I've seen boards that can take both DDR1 or DDR2, and boards that can run DDR2 or DDR3, but never at the same time. If it's running DDR3, you can't run DDR2 at the same time.
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    ^ Asrock did a dual vista range, that was ddr3/ddr2, but only one at a time, it was also agp and pci-e. last seen in the core 2 duo era, I had one.
  4. Correct. As we've both said however only one type at a time.
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