Which game should I buy?

So I'm looking to buy a game on Steam at $30 or less.

Which should I get?

Farming Simulator 15 $29.99
SpinTires $29.99

If you were gonna suggest ETS2, I got it for like $6 during the Steam Christmas sale. I haven't played it much, but that's all gonna change once I get my new PC :D oh and that $6 includes the Going East DLC and a few paint job packs!

I think I might get FS15 and then try the tech demo of SpinTires and then once I have some more money in my Steam wallet I'll buy SpinTires possibly.
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  1. spintires +1 for physics
  2. blobbyblarker said:
    spintires +1 for physics

    Yeah, plus I have FS11 for PC and FS13 for PS3.

    Addition to the list:

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X $24.99


    Farming Simulator 15 $29.99
    SpinTires $29.99
    Flight Simulator X $24.99

    UPDATE: What I plan on doing is buying FS15, trying the tech demo of SpinTires to see if I like it or not, then when I get some more dough buy it if I like it, and for FSX I'll try to find the disc, it's on one of my shelves... not sure which one though lol. I got it for Xmas 2013, played it a lot for a while, then once summer ended totally forgot I had the disc. lol.
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