z87 or z97 motherboard for i7-4790k?

Hi. I got a "Gigabyte G1 sniper z87" for my i7-4790k Devil's Canyon processor but people advised me to replace it for a z97 model. I think what really matters is the chipset type.

Long story short, I need to pick one of those two exact models:

I would like to know how much will my computer's performance jump if I replace the z87 with a z97, especially when overclocking!! I haven't read about that yet but I intend to be able to overclock in the future. What difference will the chipset make? Or will it make any significant difference in the first place?

Thanks :D

...welcoming mobo suggestions other than those two

extra info: Nvidia GTX770 and 2x8GB of RAM@1600MHZ
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    The difference between z87 and z97 isn't much. The main difference is the addition of mSATA to z97 which uses pcie lanes to increase total bandwidth that a ssd can use. You shouldnt get better Overclocking results from switching from one chipset to the other.
  2. You may also need to BIOS update on the Z87. But as mentioned, the Z97 doesn't really give any advantages other than m.2/mSATA. If there's a very small price difference I'd still get the Z97, though
  3. Get a Z97 , because it more than likely won't need a BIOS update to post.
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