Can I use 2 PS4 hard drives?

My first PS4 hard drive ran out of space, and I have a new one, but I want to know if after I replace it, can I swap the hard drives back and forth, or will everything erase?
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  1. When you purchased a replacement, did you upgrade the capacity - PS4 accepts any 2.5" hard drive that's 9.5mm or slimmer. Here's a good option:

    When the PS4 was first releasing, they did a test with load times and though it wasn't as impressive as a solid state drive the hybrid drives did improve load times. It's also a 1TB disk instead of the 500GB that came with your system so you're getting twice the storage so you don't have to swap between drives.
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    Hey marioman99878. About the HDD swapping - I don't see a logical reason, why this shouldn't work. It's like upgrading the HDD. You'll have to have both drives setup for the PS4 as shown in this article here: (go to Post Hard Drive Installation and follow the instructions). Basically this should allow the PS4 to work with both drives. But if anyone has tried this it would be nice if you can get a definite answer.

    Also, you could upgrade to a larger capacity drive as @game junky suggested. And actually you're not limited to the 2.5" form factor anymore, take a look at the first answer in this thread and the link in it:

    Hope that helps.
  3. I think you game junky's option is the most sensible one as I wonder if conflicts could arise from system updates and files like trophies etc... with the swapping option.
  4. I had a buddy that opted for a 500 GB SSD - that sucker is beast for OS load and map loads.
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