Computer shuts down while playing video games and checks for disk repair on startup?

so my friends computer while playing a game shuts down after about 5-10 minutes of launching the game.
Also i noticed that every time we started up the computer that it went and like checked through the files before the computer went to the welcome screen
also pressing ctrl alt del shut the computer down, except this wasnt set in the controls by him, it just started doing it. We also just cleaned it out. The temperatures are running around 45 degrees celsius.
Here are his specs:
MSI A55M-E33 Motherboard fm2 socket
Amd 6600k processor
nvidia geforce 760ti
psu watts i think is 510 watts
16 gb of ram .
any answers leading to a solution would be helpful. Thank you :D
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    The 2 things that come to mind are the hard drive and power supply.

    Firstly, run "chkdsk" in the command prompt and see if it shows errors.

    If that shows nothing, then your power supply is probably being stretched too thin. The specifications for your graphics card show it needs a minimum of 500 watts, so you're right on the line.

    Double check your power supply wattage and model.
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