Need Advice On First Time Water Cooling Build / I7 5820K OC With 2 EVGA 980 SC

Hello all,

Looking for some advice for a build I am putting together as this will be my first complete custom loop I have put together.

The build is a X99 platform running a I7 5820K that will be shooting for about a 4.4ghz overclock. Along with this there will be two Evga GTX 980 SC's in SLI.

The plan, after establishing all the parts are functional, is to build my first custom loop. A friend had recommended, and I purchased, a NZXT H440 case. I went with the orange and black as this matches my theme with the Gigabyte SOC motherboard and plans to do orange coolant.

Upon further research I've realized the H440 will only fit a 360 and 240 rad as two 360s will conflict.

My question is, and assuming quality rads, will a 360 and 240 be sufficient enough to dissipate the heat generated by all three components in a reasonable, non lawnmower sounding way, while taking into account the large amount of heat generated by the OC on the Haswell-E? I've read the airflow on the H440 isnt terrific.

Thank you for your time and help.
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    You will have enough rad space with a 240 and a 360 for your setup. The 980's don't draw a lot of heat so even with a massive OC on your CPU you should still be ok.
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