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My friend has a pre-made gaming PC which features an i7 4770 and a r9 255. No need to tell you guys that the GPU is seriously lacking for modern games. So an upgrade needs to be made, I was looking around and found that the cheapest r9 280 (SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 280 3GB GDDR5 OC) is about €200. First of all is this card any good and are there any known issue's like with the 280x which often has problems. I mean I know the performance is really good but what about the stability of the card? Secondly the PSU. As far as I know his pre-build PC has a 500watt PSU. I've been looking around and I can't seem to find what PSU is features, only that it's a 500W model. So it seems best to me to also upgrade the PSU. I found that the XFX PRO550W Core Edition has very good reviews. So my second question is does this PSU have the sufficient connectors?

Link to his prebuild PC:

Any help will be appreciated!
thanks in advance
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  1. The xfx psu is indeed a great choice

    But 550watt is kinda in the limit, opt for the 650watt model

    It will give you headroom if you plan to oc the 280x or a buffer for 24/7 computer operation

    280x is a good card and great value for its price
  2. The 550watt one outputs 44amps on the 12V line which seems to be plenty, though I will look into a 650W model. Anyway what about the connectors, are they okay? It seems confusing to me, also 280 non x. the r9 280x is a bad card, it has issue's (speaking from personal experience).

    As for the PSU "Seasonic M12II Evo 620W". This one is a bit more expensive but also has solid reviews. Plus its modular.
  3. Connectors should be fine with that psu.

    The card require pci-e power connection from the psu
  4. Get the seasonic psu if you can

    It will serve you well
  5. The Radeon R9 280 is just a rebadged Radeon HD 7950 just like the Radeon R9 280X is a rebadged Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition.

    The Radeon HD 7950 had the highest RMA rate due to failure. It is higher than the RMA rate for Radeon HD 7970 cards.

    I wouldn't expect the RMA rates for the Radeon R9 280 and Radeon R9 280X to be any better. In fact the RMA rate for the Radeon R9 280X is worse than for the Radeon HD 7970 on which it is based.
  6. Seasonic/XFX PSUs are top notch, and 650W is what I recommend as a standard for any single GPU system.

    The R9 290 is a great buy right now, and depending on your budget deserves consideration. Right now on PCPartpicker the cheapest 290 comes in around 25$ over the 280X, and it is quite a bit faster. Whatever the case, buy a card that has a reputable warranty in your area. Depending on the games you play and resolution, the 280 is a good choice and the 290 is an excellent choice. It's one thing to spend to spend 160$ on a 280 that will play modern games at medium/high settings, it's another thing to spend 250$ on a 290 that will play almost all modern games on ultra.
  7. Thanks for your answer I appreciate your input, but the 290 is about 300 euro's here (340 USD). And heat output.. Anyway what 650watt PSU would you recommend. My friend doesn't want to spend a ton of money and to be honest im not too keen on the massive heat the 290's produce.
  8. Psu recommended are due to quality and longevity of use

    Cheaper psu will work but might fry your other components after 1 year.

    A corsair vs650 is a budget friendly psu but the quality is a hit or miss
  9. Best answer
    Any 650W PSU made by seasonic or XFX (made by seasonic) should be a good bet. You should make sure the one you find is "haswell compatible", or some of the power savings/sleep mode functions won't work properly.
    Otherwise the EVGA Supernova G2 series are also a good choice, but I think only come in a 750w and 850w variant.

    If heat is a concern, the GTX 960 and 970 are also good choices depending on how much they cost where you are. What games are you playing and what settings do you want to play at?
  10. Well I've been looking at the 960 and the r9 280 is cheaper plus performs better. The 970 actually rose, it's about 350 euro where I live. As for the PSU "XFX TS Series 650W PSU 80+ Bronze" it has the 2x 6-pin connectors for the r9 280 so I guess that would be fine? It's also haswell ready.

    I guess that this will work out? Again thank you for your time replying to my questions. I don't know much about power supplies, just basics haha.
  11. Yes, a 650W or 550W would be adequate. All of our new XFX power supplies are Haswell ready and the XTR models have a hybrid fan mode to keep silent and save on energy. I know you are using Euro's to buy so you cant take advantage of this deal, but Tiger has a sell going now that is really good.

    XFX Support
  12. Guess I'll go with the 650watt model then, as that one has 2 6-pin power connectors ;)

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