Will using a physx dedicated card slow my system down?

Dear respected intellects

Its has been many years reading these forums with joy. Finding answers and able to fix many problems. I have now come to a crossroad of sorts. I am getting a GTX 780 in my system with a GTX 570 as my dedicated physx card. My question is as follow.... Will this second card slow down my system as far as gaming goes on my rig. My specs are as follow:
Gyg UD5- 990FXA Mobo
900 Wts Coolmax Bronze certified
8 Gb 2133Mhz Gskillz
AMD FX-8350 4.4ghz Stock cooler
Haf-912 All fans in the case three intake and three exhaust
Thank you very much for any help you can provide.:)
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  1. Well, you can always try a PhysX enabled game, play and see your FPS with the 570 as the dedicated PhysX card. then remove it, and use the 780 for GPU and PhysX and see if it's better or worse.

    My guess it will be worse. The slower speed, memory bus, etc, will cause the PhysX to run slower than if it's done on the beast of a 780. From the youtube video's I've seen, unless it's a near model card, it will do more harm than good, but that's from a youtube video, and like everything on the internet, nothings beats doing a test yourself instead.
  2. Thanks for the idea ...I honestly wasn't even thinking of doing that. I feel a bit
    I will give that a try and give my results when i'm done testing it. Ill try to give specific details as to the final results of both test...Thanks again for the idea.... Now i'm a bit excited....
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    No it will not slow your system down. It will give you a healthy boost in GPU accelerated PhysX games. You can research some for some clues in these articles.
  4. Test it and compare the fps. I have a gtx 970 + gtx 660 oem for physx and it helps in all the games that use this tech (BAO especially likes the dedicated card)
  5. Thanks 17seconds ... those were awesome reads and answered my question. It shows that that gtx 570 is going to give me a bit more fps then i expected. Also great physx since i already have the card. It's not going to cost me anything to buy it. I got a dual fan with Vram coolers for it to keep it cool. I honestly cant wait to see what its going to play like...Thank you so much for your advice guys. I feel like a little girl waiting for that imported doll from
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