is it possible to get a 400 watt power supply for the lenovo h50 90B70017Us? Trying to find out which graphic card to get for

Just as the title says. Any tips or suggestions?
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    Unless there is a small form factor case of which I am not aware, any standard sized ATX PSU will fit. Just buy one separately and replace the OEM one. You can get as large as needed for whatever GPU you want.
  2. Then can i run gtx 660. And to run gtx 780 will i buy the 750 watt or 1000watt.
  3. A typical system with a single 780 uses just under 400w running at full load. You really don't need a larger than 500/550w PSU. It's ok to get larger, though. You should look for one that has good efficiency, good cable management, and a reputation for reliability.
    Here are some system power benchmarks so you can estimate how much different GPUs use:
  4. Then can i run gtx 780.
    I have 450 watt psu.
  5. Abhraneel Roy said:
    Then can i run gtx 780.
    I have 450 watt psu.

    Can you? -> yes
    Should you -> probably not!
    Really, it depends on the quality of the PSU, ambient temps, air flow, and how much power the rest of your system uses. Tom's has an article where they ran an R9 295X2 on a 500w psu without any trouble. You might run into trouble getting enough adapters to actually plug the thing in and you could melt PSU wires if you pull too many amps through any one of them.
    You could probably make things work, but I wouldn't want to be held responsible when your system catches fire. The are quite a few variables that influence PSU suitability. On the one hand, you don't need to supersize your PSU as so many people (and even manufacturers) suggest, on the other hand a poor PSU can cause serious damage. Your best bet, without learning all of the intricacies, is to use a PSU with good reviews that actually has the connectors necessary for your GPU.
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