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Hello all. I recently purchased new parts for a build. All windows updates are performed and mobo is updated to latest bios version. Boots up fine and seems smooth until I try to do anything online. It becomes choppy and slow to respond even just scrolling the page. I ran the windows experience and am getting a 5.0 on the CPU and 5.6 on the ram. the graphics and hard drive get 7.9 scores. Below is my build. I am desperate as I bought very nice parts and was expecting a computer that performs better than my old amd 960t. As it is this computer feels more suited as a paperweight.

CPU = i7 - 4790k
Mobo = MSI z97 Gaming 7
Ram = Kingston HyperX Fury
GPU = Gigabyte GtX 970 G1 Gaming
PSU = EVGA 650w Gold
SSD = Crucial MX100 256gb
Cooler = Corsair h100i
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  1. I have an i5-4670k, my WEI is 7.5's all the way down (except for graphics), so something is definitely wrong. Some suggestions:

    1) go into the bios, and find the section to 'reset using optimum defaults'. Lets just get the thing to it's base level.

    2) check your thermals. If the CPU is throttling due to heat that could cause the lackluster performance. If your thermals are out of whack (ie: 70C or higher constantly) -at idle- then you need to check your heatsink/fan

    Make sure your heatsink-pump is flat and mounted properly on the CPU and isn't hung up on anything that would keep it from contacting the heat spreader on the CPU.

    Make sure you used your thermal paste properly.

    Make sure the retainer is holding the heatsink-pump properly.

    Make sure the pump is powered and pumping.

    Make sure the fans on the radiator are functioning properly.
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