Bottlneck With GTX 960

My processor : i3 2120 3.2 Ghz
Mainboard : Intel DH61
Ram : 4+2=6 GB

If I add gtx 960, will it bottleneck?
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  1. Yea a little, I'm doing this off experience with a core 2 duo and gtx 650ti 1gb. Which bottle necked a little. Maybe a r7 would be better? Or upgrade the cpu.
  2. You will be fine in most games but there will be slight CPU bottleneck in some newer multi threaded games. Nothing to worry about.
  3. No. it wont be much bottle neck. it will be working good.
  4. Hey,

    I get this question a lot, and as suggested above it's not a simple yes or no answer.

    GAMES vary significantly in how much they use the GPU or CPU and even in the same game which component is currently the bottleneck can switch. For example in Starcraft 2 when a battle gets heavy you're going to use a lot more CPU processing power so might switch from the GPU to the CPU as the main bottleneck.

    So the short answer is that YES you'll be bottlenecked by the CPU at times, the GPU at other times, but also that it's not necessarily an issue.

    (If you got a GTX980 you would be far more prone to be CPU bottlenecked but would still find times when the GPU was the bottleneck. There's a point at which you're wasting your money for the most part and I say anything above a GTX970 would fit this.)

    *Get a GTX960 if you want, then tweak game settings like you normally would to achieve the optimal balance of visual quality vs frame rate. More specifically I recommend one of these two:

    1) VSYNC OFF - tweak to maintain at least 40FPS average. If screen tearing is too bad use VSYNC (or Adaptive VSYNC). Or

    2) VSYNC ON - recommended if you almost NEVER drop below the target (i.e. 60FPS for 60Hz monitors)

    3) Adaptive VSYNC - VSYNC is automatically enabled if you can output the desired frame rate but disabled otherwise.

    *For example, on my 60Hz monitor I turned VSYNC OFF for AC Brotherhood but screen tear was pretty bad so I turned on VSYNC. Now no screen tearing but I got really bad STUTTER when I dropped below 60FPS (synch mismatch between monitor and GPU output).

    So I turned on Adaptive VSYNC for this game only and this was ideal for this game. When I dropped below 60FPS I got screen tearing but not stutter which was better for me. If the tearing is too frequent simply drop the game visuals (like 8xMSAA to 4xMSAA) to raise the average frame rate a bit.
  5. It will bottleneck, unless you overclock i think its ok. Anyway even you didn't do overclock. Its fine, the GPU didn't stress the CPU that much anyway
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    I compared the R9-280X, R9-280 and R9-285 as well.

    It's difficult to compare as there are PROS and CONS. The major con with the GTX960 is that it "only" has 2GB of video memory though frankly I have a GTX680 2GB card which I'm still very happy with. It's likely you'd be quite happy with a GTX960.

    Then there's the ability to use MFAA (anti-aliasing technique) for new NVidia cards which for supported games can boost performance a bit and the relatively LOW noise (including turning fans off for supported 960/970/980 models).

    AMD has Mantle support for a few games though I'm not sure that is going to matter much in a few years. Nobody knows. For now, for supported games it can help alleviate CPU bottleneck though that's oversimplifying the reason for it.

    Your PSU must be sufficient as well (6-pin and 8-pin PCIe power support to graphics card).

    My top choices:

    1) $205
    EVGA 960 2.23GHz:

    2) $230
    Asus R9-280X:

    3) $200
    Gigabyte R9-280 3GB:

    4) $165
    XFX R9-280 3GB:

    As said, pros and cons. My top choice is the above GTX960; if it had 3GB of VRAM it would be an easy recommend.

    I should add that while the R9-280X was 15% faster than a stock GTX960 that is only valid with a good CPU to minimize bottlenecks. You would experience less difference (under 10%) plus the GTX960 will overclock higher so for most games with your i3 the difference is likely very minor. It's mainly the extra VRAM that gets my nod on the R9-280X.
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