BSOD after new GPU install - Can anyone analyse this minidump file?


Only yesterday I installed a new GPU into my PC and while I was watching netflix in bed a bsod interrupted everything, was extremely loud and then my PC shut off. I thought it was extremely strange since my PC has worked fine for years until this new GPU I installed (Gtx 970).

Only a week before did I move my entire PC into a new case because I disliked my previous one's airflow. There were no problems after those events took place so I'm assuming that it's something wrong with the GPU but I honestly have no idea. When installing the GPU the end of it jabbed the motherboard a little bit (only gently) whilst I try to position it. May that cause this problem?

So after the BSOD I thought "shit I should reformat my HDD" so I did. I reinstalled windows and deleted all partitions. Once I went through setup of windows I immediately went on the internet and downloaded the same latest NVIDIA driver for the card and rebooted my PC. There were no problems. I spend the rest of the night installing essential programs for my PC. Took about an hour which then I shut it down and rebooted this morning.

So care free I went on my newly formatted PC this morning and decided to download CPU-Z. I have no idea why but it got stuck on "Monitoring" when loading up. With my last GPU it never got stuck on "Monitoring" so with this new GPU it seems I can't boot CPU-Z (May not be GPU's problem). I goggled solutions for this problem and found a solution where I would go into the config file and make some values 0. I did this and it opened successfully but showed nothing under the video driver/graphics tab (sorry forgot the tab's name) when previously it would show GTX 770 (my old card). I discarded all this as a problem not worth worrying about and uninstalled CPU-Z.

Only a while later browsing the internet performing no different tasks than I did 30 - 45 mins ago BAM BSOD. So here I am now after a reboot asking whether or not anyone knows what my problem might be. Is it the GPU? Could someone with knowledge on minidump files analyse the one the BSOD that just occured spat out? Would appreciate it alot.


minidump file:!LwQFhLbT!usM_YiakeF_EKkRJuruaxdkORXl6HhRsNLs5LowQLK4

My spec:
i5 3570k 3.4ghz
Palit Jetsream GTX 970
8gb memory
Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Motherboard
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  1. Hello... as a 'Simple Test" install your previous video card, Does the BSOD go away?
  2. I've got a feeling it was the drivers. Will report back if another BSOD occurs after installing drivers from disc. That's when I'll swap back to 770.
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    your bugcheck is expected because you are running windows 7 RTM. The very first retail version of windows 7 without adding the service pack or any updates.
    you can not run a current video driver on this build without hitting old bugs in windows. (they bugs were fixed 5 years ago)

    update windows
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