Would like advice on upgrading Motherboard CPU and switching to water cooling.

First off I would like to appologize if I am posting this in the wrong section of the forums. Brand new to the site (Aside from googling for troubleshooting)

I really would like to switch to intel, Being an AMD User for about 4 years now, I feel like I have enough money now to afford it I would also like to get SSD(s). Seeing how I use my computer through out most of my day. Avid Gamer and streamer I would like to upgrade.

CPU: AMD FX(tm)-9590 Eight-Core Processor
MOBO: Asus Sabertooth 990FX r2.0
Graphics Card: EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 780ti Reference edition
RAM: Corsair Dominator 16gb Duel Channel
PWR Supply: EVGA 750 watts G2
Case: NZXT: H440
Only a 1 TB Hard drive

I really need advice on switching to water cooling. The right water blocks, tubing pumps etc. I have watched alot of videos and read alot on water cooling but I still am overwhelmed when it comes to picking the parts.

I do have moderate computer knowledge, I am not expert but I understand most of how they work and how to make one, I am not worried with constructing the build I just was curious as to what you fellas would reccomend in 2015. I would like for it to be under $1500.

I am constructing a gaming desk to house my components I will need alot of tubing. to cover the surface area of the desk I will TRY to accomplish this:

Wood instead of steel construction.

I hope I have provided enough information I will be checking this atleast twice a day so if you have any questions please don't hesitate! Thanks so much!

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  1. I would also like to add that I am planning on SLI Bridging my card in the future.
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    use cpu-z and spacy from people that make ccleaner. if your ram is ddr-3 and 1600 or faster you can reuse it. also if your power supply is haswell supported you can reuse it and your drives and gpu to save some cash for now.
    on building your rig there are two options right now and latter. right now there the newer z99 mb that use ddr-4 ram. if you look at intel cpu drop sheet end of ths year...start of next year there dropping the brodwell-e chips. for x99 mb.
    right now haswell devil cannon cpu for 1150 mb that use ddr-3 ram. sometime this year brodwell is dropping for 1150 cpu mb. then at end of summer start of back to school is when skylake for 1151 is dropping. newer skylake the replacment to haswell/brodwell/
    also both amd and nvidia are working on faster gpu. as your gaming rig right now is newish. I hold off till the end of year and go with skylake if it a lot faster then haswell and the newer gpu combo from amd or nvidia.
  3. build link
    I really sqeezed the 6 core intel power house and the 980
    I hope this helps :D
  4. I only wanted a CPU MOBO and water cooling D: I think my Pwr supply will do. The big question I have with buying a new mother board is.. Is it really worth it to go DDR4? I have 16gb of DDR3 Corsair Dominator
  5. oh no unless your doing very intensive content creation its pointless you may get .5-1 extra fps in SOME games if your very competitive in bf4 or cod it may actually benefit but i would not however your looking to spend quite a lot. the main reason to get ddr4 right now is tdp and just the privlage to say you have it here is what i would get sry for the miss understanding
    RAM CPU2/3
    i would recommend these links for water cooling
  6. Intel Core i7-5820K
    Intel Core i7-5930K
    Not wanting to spend 1k on the CPU
  7. unless your going 4 way sli you shouldent go 5930k
  8. So the Intel Core i7-5820K should worth for 2 way SLI then? No performance loss?
  9. yes
  10. it can even go 3 way
  11. the 5930k is more for content creation it can even go 6 way for specialized gear
  12. My next question is, if I buy a ddr4 motherboard, I can still use ddr3 in the RAM slots correct?
  13. no ddr3 uses 240 pin ddr4 uses 288 pin
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