Need a good PCIE Wireless Card

I've been running off of a kindof jury-rigged setup to get my internet connection on my PC for a while. It uses the 2 units that plug into wall power outlets then into my modem/PC respectively. With this setup, I get a little of 1mb/s download and I feel that I could get more. I can't do a direct ethernet cord, my modem is across the house and a floor below. I just want a quality card that will give me decent speeds. My phone/laptop get about 10mb/s on on my wifi and my PC will only get about 6 or 7. I have a PCIE slot available on my computer, so that would be ideal over a USB dongle.
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    Asus N15 for 2.4GHz or N53 for dual band.
  2. i7Baby said:
    Asus N15 for 2.4GHz or N53 for dual band.

    Thanks for the quick reply! Will have to quick check which band my router is, but these have significantly better reviews than others. Hopefully will boost my DL speed from 1.5mb/s to at least 5.
  3. Ha ha. Mines only 1.5 at the best of times.
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