Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 and AMD 8120 Voltage on Board

I posted this in the CPU section as well and all i got was i generic answer of "yeah thats high" rather then kind of finding out why its high. Maybe you can lend a hand here. Problem is below.

So i have a quick question about my voltage....It seems to be running high for no OC but the turbo control is on. The Voltage in AMD Overdrive is @ 1.4 V for a 3.4 GHz speed. Is that normal or does that seem a bit high for that?? Should i be concerned about this? Thats the voltage on my CPU Vid my NB Vid is @ 1.2625 btw.
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  1. In the bios load optimised defaults, save and exit, go back to bios and check what the default voltage is.
    The voltage will increase above default when it's in a turbo state.
    You can control this by manually setting a voltage with either manual or offset.
    The cpu may or may not be stable at a constant voltage when it turbos up, you will have to test for stability.

    I'm not to familiar with the 1st gen FX chips but that does sound like the voltage is a tad high.
  2. If i drop the the voltage from that 1.4 because thats what it seems to set to as default what kind of ramifications am i looking at with it set at just stock speed (3.1) ?
  3. You will have to stress test to make sure what ever settings you set/change are stable.
    You should be able to lower the voltage when running at stock clocks.
    You should also be able to run manual stock voltage and use turbo clock speeds.
    It will all come down to how lucky you were in the silicone lottery for that particular cpu, that will play a major roll in how far you can lower voltage or increase clock speeds.
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