Help gurus getting error upon fresh install. "windows cannot be installed. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."

I have a MSI H81I and i have 2 3tb drives. I would LOVE not having to partition the drive as it will take ages to transfer the data.

Any help would be great.
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  1. So.. im assuming one hd doesn't have the OS and is empty? What version windows are you trying to install? Are you planning on some kind of partitioning scheme (1-1-1tb)?
  2. If u want to install windows and it says something with the gpt,just format it from the windows,;
    Insert w7 cd,let it load,choose your language,click install now, etc, don't choose upgrade! Choose advanced( i guess,not remember exactly,it I'll let u choose two options,upgrade and one more,choose the non upgrade one.)then somewhere,it supposed to ask u where u want to install..
    Choose your drive and press advanced( guess...) then u should have delete or format partition,( I'm do the both..) so do that it's exactly a minute,then u should install:-)
    If u can't change the sata mode on bios and your sata cables,especially,the hdd!
    Good luck and say hows it goes:-)
  3. Ahh and somewhere if u choose format its supposed to format it from gpt to master boot record which is mbr....
    If u still cant, just take your hd to another working windows pc,add it for some minutes,go to computer choose the hd by right click,then u should have format if im not wrong.. Click it, it's will open u a Window, then at the middle Window u should have use a default or something like that choose it,click ok.shutdown that pc,remove that formatted hd,and put it back on the other pc.. Then try to install:-)
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